The Chester County Reading Olympics is made up of three committees: planning, event, and registration committees. If you would like to become part of any of the committees please send an email to Someone from the Reading Olympics staff will contact you regarding meeting times.

Planning Committee

The planning committee works collaboratively to oversee all aspects of the organization. This committee has the primary responsibility of executing and steering the event in its entirety. It is a fun and exciting part of the Reading Olympics.

Participation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recruiting volunteers, sponsors, host facilities, and participating schools
  • Collaborating with other participating IU’s to establish book lists and questions
  • Reviewing the rules and regulations on an annual basis
  • Training volunteers and school participants
  • Selection of event materials
  • Materials distribution

Event Committee

The event committee helps orchestrate many aspects of the event. Including registering teams, distributing awards, preparing the venue for the event, and organizing the teams and their sponsors.

Registration Committee

The registration committee is responsible for registering teams at the event and moderator/scorekeeper check-in. This committee also tallies the scores after the last round and prepares the ribbons for the award ceremony.

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